Sapphire Beads

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Natural Sapphire Faceted Round Beads 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 4mm 15.5" Strand
ruby sapphire mixted faceted round
genuine ruby sapphire faceted round beads
sapphire ruby diamond star cut round beads
Natural Gradient Ruby & Sapphire Faceted Round Beads Size 3mm 15.5'' Strand
multi color sapphire smooth round loose beads
Genuine Ruby & Sapphire Faceted Cube Beads Size 4mm 15.5'' Strand
Sapphire Blue Color Crackle K9 Crystal Smooth Round Beads 6mm-10mm 15.5''Strand
Natural Sapphire Faceted Irregular Rondelle Beads Size 4x7mm 15.5'' Strand
Natural Ruby & Sapphire Faceted Cube Beads Size 4-5mm 15.5'' Strand
Natural Ruby and Sapphire Smooth Round Beads Size 5mm 6mm 8mm 15.5'' Strand

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