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large hole sodalite smooth round beads
sodalite faceted oval beads
natural sodalite faceted round beads
blue sodalite pendant teardrop or irregular shape
Dark Blue Sodalite Faceted Round Beads Size 4mm 6mm 15.5" Strand
natural blue and white sodalite smooth round beads
natural sodalite donut circle pendant
Natural Sodalite Faceted Cube Beads Size 4-5mm 6-7mm 15.5" Strand
natural sodalite faceted flat hexagonal beads
natural sodalite graduated trapezoid slab slice beads
Natural Sodalite Hard Cut Faceted Round Beads Size 6mm 8mm 15.5'' Strand
natural sodalite matte round beads
Natural Sodalite Round Shape Pendant Size 50mm Sold per Piece
natural sodalite smooth round beads
orange sodalite center drill pebble nugget beads
Orange Sodalite Faceted Teardrop Beads Size 6x16mm 15.5" Strand
orange sodalite matte round beads
orange sodalite smooth round beads
sodalite connected pendant
Sodalite Connected Pendant (3 in 1 )
In stock, 19 available
sodalite faceted flat rectangle cylinder tube beads
sodalite faceted flat square beads
sodalite faceted rectangle cylinder drum barrel beads
sodalite faceted rondelle wheel Discs beads
sodalite faceted round beads
sodalite faceted trapezoid shape beads
sodalite graduated faceted trapezoid beads
Sodalite Hard Cut Faceted Off Round Beads Size 9x10mm 15.5" Strand
sodalite oval bezel slab gold leaf edge beads
sodalite slice Sticks piano key Points beads
sodalite smooth irregular pebble nugget chips beads
sodalite smooth round beads
sunset sodalite smooth round beads

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